The Dumpster Intervention Patrol Story

Dumpster Intervention Patrol, LLC (DIP) is a family-owned and operated business that provides environmentally friendly and professional cleaning services for homeowners or commercial business owners with competitive pricing.

Dumpster Intervention Patrol

In addition to our flagship bin washing, Dumpster Intervention Patrol provides other, related, outdoor household cleaning services such as:

  • Power Washing

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Window Cleaning

  • Sunscreen Cleaning

  • House Cleaning

  • Garage Floor Cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Artificial Grass Cleaning

  • Sidewalk Cleaning

  • Gutter Cleaning

Our new state-of-the-art bin washing equipment keeps our business running efficiently, and we are continually expanding our services and adding new equipment to serve better you better.

Bin Cleaning Services Across the US

Our service is unique in Arizona, and there are only a handful of similar service providers in the United States. Over 350+ million Americans in the USA, there are only 250+ trash cleaning services. Each homeowner has 1 to 3 trash bins. This is where our business will not only grow but grow quickly; with a vision to expand the business into every state in the USA within 15 years.

The growth of this business is ultimately where I will start a program in the future, my donation company not yet determined, to set up a "give-back" program, where 5% to 10% of proceeds will be donated to charities that those customer's recommend.

What Makes Us a Different Bin Cleaning Service

Its not just Bin and Dumpster cleaning, its much more....
Dumpster Intervention Patrol will be the driving force in the bin washing industry. We are not only making America smell a little fresher every day but driving new, future technologies into the marketplace. We are revolutionizing environmentally friendly ways to clean up our streets, businesses, communities, and our future.

Looking to the Future

We wish to create a business to build a legacy to bring the younger generation onboard and teach them the ways of running a business dynasty of their own, to keep creativity and positive driving success around the world.