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Dumpster Intervention Patrol

What's That Smell?

Whether it's a stinky bin or a dirty dumpster, an unwashed RV, or stained driveways, we'll have your problem items looking like new!

Has your putrid bin been exiled to the outdoors? Our unique washer will have your trash bin shining new in seconds. We wash and sanitize your bin so you'll want to bring it back in from the cold.

We can also take on commercial customers' dirtiest jobs. No more having to hold your nose when you take the office scraps to the dumpster. It still won't be your favorite job, but you won't mind taking out the trash as much in the middle of summer.

We also offer a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or ad hoc cleaning service, so you never have to worry about calling us again! Easy!

What Can We Clean for You?

We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. With Dumpster Intervention Patrol, clients know exactly what to expect - professionalism, efficiency, and exceptional results. No matter your budget or requirements, we can help make your environment sparkle.

Dumpster Intervention Patrol


A twice-yearly, up-front service plan, putting your mind at ease, with scheduled reminders so you know when your bins will be cleaned

This is an $80 cleaning service (usually $100 for two cleanings) equaling a low $40, 6-months service membership. There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime. There are no refunds for canceling the Bi-Annual plan.

The Bi-Annual service includes cleaning two bins, inside and out and deodorizing. We'll roll the bins to your garage so you can easily tuck them away.

Cost: $80 per year


The Annual Service Plan is an up-front Monthly Service Plan. We'll set your mind at ease with scheduled reminders letting you know when your bins are clean.

For a low $225 cleaning service ( $18.75 price is 55% off our 1-Time cleaning price), we'll wash your bins inside and out, and deodorize them, and return them to the top of your drive each month.

Cost: Just $18.75 a month

(No contracts and the ability to cancel anytime. There are no refunds for the annual plan.)

Dumpster Intervention Patrol


Need those bins cleaned more often? The quarterly service plan is for you. This is an up-front service plan with scheduled reminders letting you know when your service is happening and when they're cleaned. Every three months, we'll wash your bins inside and out, and deodorize them, and return them to the top of your drive.

Cost: $140 for a low $35 per quarter.

That's a 15% discount off our regular one-off cleaning price.


This is a month-at-a-time service where we can come and clean two bins (in and out), deodorize them, and return to the top of your drive. There are no contracts, and we'll come out on your desired day (subject to availability).

This is just like all our other plans, in that you get two bins cleaned and deodorized and returned to where they belong. We also send your reminders and let you know when the job is done.

Cost: Just a low $23 (normally $25) per month

No contracts, cancel anytime, no refunds for the current month.

Dumpster Intervention Patrol

One-Time Cleaning

Just want to try us out, or perhaps your bins don't get that dirty that often? The One-Time Cleaning Service will get your bins sparkling in no time. We believe you'll be so pleased with the results that you'll want to make it a regular thing. Like all our other plans, we'll clean and deodorize both bins and roll them to your garage on your preferred time and day. We'll send reminders and notifications when they're done! Ease of mind and a clean environment, and you don't have to lift a finger (or a lid).

Cost: One-off cleaning – $45 per cleaning service

Driveway Cleaning

First impressions count, and a high-temperature, high-pressure wash will have your house's entrance looking like new again!

All driveway, patio, sidewalk, and garage pricing is based off starting price 0.30 cents per square foot.
A minimum sqft of 400sqft or a $65 trip charge will be added.

The Driveway Cleaning Service starts at $140 per cleaning service

(No contract, cancel anytime, no refunds for current service). Usually, retail $175. Enjoy the 20% savings!

An awesome one-time cleaning on the day of your choice (subject to availability).

Dumpster Intervention Patrol

Other Services

Surface scapes, artificial grass, solar panels, patio, garage, windows and screens, home cleaning, commercial and residential.